Community Centres and Town Halls


PG Stage has worked with community centres and town halls across the UK to design, create and install innovative lighting and audio systems for a range of unique requirements.

Community centres and town halls are used for a whole host of different events. For example, you may need town hall lighting and fixtures as well as hall sound systems for local theatrical performances, educational talks, lectures and seminars, or group meetings and exhibitions. Town halls are also often used as venues for parties and celebrations. You therefore may need a flexible lighting and audio system which can adapt to the changing requirements of the centre or hall.

PG Stage can design and install effective integrated community centre and town hall lighting or management systems, giving you the control you need in your venue.

The audio requirements you have might include installing a PA system, recording facilities or portable audio solutions.

If, like many centres, you have a stage then you might require stage management systems including features such as communications, show relay, talkback and paging. Of course, this all depends on – and can be adapted to – the size and type of centre or hall you have.