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‘Confidence, creativity and communication are essential to an excellent education.’ Ed Elliott, Head at The Perse School Cambridge

March 28, 2017   |   PG Stage News   |   PG Stage   |   No comments

As part of an expansion masterplan, the Performing Arts Centre at The Perse School is the final piece in a 10 year process of development. Visionary Head Ed Elliott added, ‘We have long had a vision for a performing arts centre, an environment in which everyone – whether artist, scientist or mathematician – can develop self-expression and fluency. We are bringing this vision to life to mark our […]

Preserving lighting designs in the digital age

April 11, 2016   |   Industry News   |   fluid   |   No comments

One singular sensation was all it took. Since lighting designs first went digital for A Chorus Line in 1975, archiving past productions is difficult. How can we go about storing lighting designs in the digital era?

Regional Theatres vs London West End

March 31, 2016   |   Industry News   |   PG Stage   |   No comments

Despite London’s West End contributing £51 billion to the UK economy (made up of shoppers, theatregoers and property investors flocking to the city), many of us forget about the regional theatres out there. As a result, at the beginning of the year, British MP Will Quince made a plea of support for regional theatres encouraging us to visit our regional theatres. He stated the reason that West End […]

How do you solve a problem like wages for arts professionals?

March 9, 2016   |   Industry News   |   fluid   |   No comments

With plans to rid of Category 2 National Insurance Contributions and strikes taking place at the ENO, we explore the issue of fair pay and what could be done to help the situation.

Should Venues Change in Line with Technology?

February 23, 2016   |   News   |   fluid   |   No comments

The performance name might be up in lights but the question is, is that the only light theatre goers want to see? More often than ever, both performers and audience members can see a sea of lights from the audience despite announcements being made and signs making it clear it is frowned upon to use a mobile phone mid performance. However, with technology constantly evolving, opinion seems to […]

Should you study art or science at school?

February 16, 2016   |   Industry News   |   fluid   |   No comments

With arts subjects not included in the EBACC plans, should students focus on more scientific subjects?

Start Your Career in Stage Lighting

January 27, 2016   |   Useful Knowledge Articles   |   fluid   |   No comments

Do you have a passion for the stage? Spend lots of time at the theatre? You might find yourself thinking of a career in the industry but how do you get there when you have lots of drive and enthusiasm yet are lacking in the experience department? Here are our top tips for kick-starting your career in stage lighting. Shadow a lighting designer The first step, which may also […]

Funding for stage shows in the UK

January 25, 2016   |   Useful Knowledge Articles   |   fluid   |   No comments

Whether you’re an artist looking to get funding for your new work or a producer getting a brand new concept on the stage, we explore some of the UK’s best sources of funding.

Shows to watch out for in 2016

December 21, 2015   |   Industry News   |   fluid   |   No comments

What shows should you look out for in 2016? We explore…

The Rule of Thirds

November 27, 2015   |   Company News   |   fluid   |   No comments

Christmas pageants and holiday productions are among some of the most popular themed performances this time of year. As a result, it’s necessary to plan out how to best include festive creative touches to your stage. While Christmas trees, fake snow and lots of baubles and ornaments are obvious go-tos, it’s helpful to consult with the production crew and get a good understanding on the design layout of your […]